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  The highly regarded entrepreneur Mr. Yu founded DXG Technology Corp. in September 2000 and set up
its base in Taipei Taiwan. The company's main focus is manufacturing and marketing digital cameras, digital
video cameras and high tech products. With its innovative design and excellent quality assurance, DXG has
not only expanded its brand through out the world, its sales has also multiplied drastically in a short time after
its establishment. A successful worldwide development includes a headquarter in Taiwan that is responsible for
strategic management, and subsidiary company and affiliated enterprise through out the States, Guan Tong of
China and Hong Kong.

  Another business unit of DXG Technology Corp. is a well-known timepiece manufacturer, W&Y Taiwan Co.,
Ltd. It was established in 1982 and is a traditional corporation with 20 years of history. The company has
maintained a smooth and rapid growth due to its perseverance and concentration in product innovation since
the establishment. W&Y has expanded its vertical integrated supply chain with several strategic alliances that
was planted years ago within China to allow DXG stepping into the high tech business with material superiority.
With a multi design in appearances that breaks the traditional images on cameras, a revolutionized creation
brings forth a modern and groundbreaking trend.
  The mission of DXG Technology Corp. is to become a world-class manufacturer of digital cameras. DXG strives
to provide the consumer market with digital products of the highest standard. To achieve such mission, DXG not
only pursue restlessly after advance technique, but also invest fearlessly into product development and
soft/hardware improvement to perfect product quality. Moreover, DXG has trained a first-rate innovation team
and marketing experts with professional efficiency that has effectively spread DXG products through out the
world, thus becoming the ideal label amongst the consumers.

Being in the same conglomerate as W&Y, DXG adapted the same CI as its partner hoping to cultivate the
business, stimulate development and become the leader of this multi-operational group.

The D comes from the Chinese character íV deh, and G is from the character- - gei.These 2 syllables are
connected with X to symbolize the infinite possibility and hope that is the foundation of all our motivation.
No one knows what the future holds for our business but there is always room and opportunity to dream
and make aspirations happen.

DXG is innovation, is fashion and is your smartest choice.